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President of PCEA and SVP Business Development at Eberl Claims Service

Jessica Hamilton founded her family business in 2005, successfully building it from the ground up into a multi-million-dollar enterprise and achieving recognition as one of the fastest-growing women-owned businesses in the United States in 2019 by “Inc. 5000” magazine ranked 1605 out of 5000 companies. She brings over 30 years of senior leadership building businesses through a laser-focused Sales & Marketing lens with a heavy focus on Why Relationships Matter.   Through the acquisition, she is now the Senior Vice President of Business Development for Eberl Claim Services. Jessica is responsible for leading Eberl Claim Services business development strategies with her team which encompasses Sales and Marketing experts. As a senior leader driving the Eberl brand, she works closely with business unit leaders and senior leadership to develop effective strategies for driving sustainable company growth and revenue through sales and marketing efforts.  


Jessica subscribes to the philosophy for living she calls the 3 G’s – God, Grace & Grit. 


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