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Executive Vice President, Claims Operation at Gallagher Bassett

With over 26 years of industry experience Ajay Sinha is a prominent leader in their field, always seeking to break new ground. Since 2015, Ajay has served as the Executive Vice President, U.S. Operation at Gallagher Bassett. He oversees the claims operations in the United States and Canada, ensuring the highest levels of client satisfaction, consistent and high-quality claims service, and outcome-driven claims handling across GB’s domestic operating units.

Mr. Sinha began working for Gallagher Bassett’s claims operations in the Northeast Region as the Senior Vice President of Northeast Operations. He drove significant improvements in performance, led the development of innovative, real-time performance measurement systems, and managed the integration of GB’s acquisitions into the domestic claims operation. Prior to joining GB, Ajay worked as a management consultant with a focus on the Insurance industry, serving the executive teams of leading P&C carriers, brokers and MGAs, and health insurers.

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