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Our memberships consist of home office chief claim executives and senior claim executives accountable for the Claim Department. Since its inception, we have proudly fostered an environment for a high level of participation and encourage responsible leadership.

As nonprofit associations, we intentionally keep our costs modest as we are committed to the intelligent use of a company's investment and have high regard for stockholders' and policyholders' interests.

Fulfilling our objectives depends on the broadest possible membership. Therefore we invite those with offices across the United States to join all three associations for maximum benefits and support in all of their locations. 

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Jessica Hamilton | President


phone: (972) 992-8160

Dennis Gowen | President

phone: (914) 828-8363 

Membership is available to property/casualty, workers' compensation, reinsurance, commercial and personal lines, self-insured or self-administered companies with a chief or senior claim executive responsible for claim policy or administration. If you would like additional information, any member of the Board of Governors will be happy to help you.

Learn About PCEA, CCEA & ACEA: Past Events
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Become a member of one or all three associations to receive great benefits and support!


1. We promote the idea that claim philosophy, policy interpretation, and public relations should be consistent and fair. The insurance consumer should receive respect and equitable treatment from any insurance company.
2. We believe the key to professionalism is continuing education, which encourages and supports better education and training for all people engaged in claims work.
3. We encourage cooperation among all companies, whether they're members or not. We recognize the value of amicable relations between companies and the benefits those relationships bring everyone affected by the insurance industry.
4. We foster improving claim handling to benefit the general public and exchange ideas to further that goal.
5. We believe in the highest business principles and maximizing the service an insurance consumer receives from the industry.
6. We reinforce the "hotline" concept between senior claim executives and urge discussion.
7. We cultivate goodwill, fellowship, and positive rapport among member company representatives.
8. We facilitate flexible, expedient, productive communication among members to best serve those they're responsible for - the public.

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