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Founding Partner of Rupp Pfalzgraf LLC

I’m a firm believer that the status quo can and should be challenged every day. I believe that there always is a better and more efficient way to perform a task or to handle a client’s problem. Just because something was done a certain way for years does not mean that is the right way to handle the problem today. This is the approach I take with each and every one of my clients. Let’s have a goal in mind and find a solution that works. I’ll work toward a result that’s cost-effective, achievable, and that meets the expectations of my client. Whether that solution involves an aggressive stance in a hotly contested litigated matter, an outside-the-box idea to resolve a difficult business negotiation, or the assistance to help an entrepreneur succeed, I leave no stone unturned in providing the precise representation that my client needs. This approach is the hallmark of my practice, whether in the courtroom during trial or in the conference room discussing strategy. It also is the foundation of the law firm that I am very proud to have helped to start 23 years ago and the guiding principle in my approach to training and mentoring of other lawyers.

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